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Filipe Galego:

--- Quote ---Author : Team IRG

The project GTR2 Reborn has been uploaded to 2 servers that have been tested to work at good speeds. Please point the installer to your GTR2 GameData folder, we've done it this way because we all know different people like different install locations.

We recommend a clean install of GTR2, patched to

GTR2 Reborn v1.0 installs:
- sounds
- Mosler Asia Racing
- talent files (over default files + at least a new driver for the Mosler AR)
- physics files
- new AIW files for a few tracks
- new Championship files

The focus of our project, as we said repeatedly, has been Physics and AI.

In order for anyone to fully experience the results of our work, we strongly recommend a clean install of GTR2, followed by the official patch, followed by the installation of GTR2 Reborn v1.0.
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